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Tillandsias in viv =Questions

I recently added a few tillandsias including 2 brachycaulos and 2 other unidentified broms. The directions to keep em alive it says to water em, and dont let water sit in the crevises of the brom.
Heres a pic of the viv to help you with my question.
[Image: cage094.jpg]
So how do I mount these in my vivarium and continue to mist without getting water in the crevises..... :?: :?: Are these plants a good selection for my viv? Any tips or info is appreciated.
It might help to add that I have 2 24 inch reptisun bulbs on 12 hours a day. I run a fan in the morning for an hour to clear up the glass. The temps are 75ish in the day and 68 at night. humidity stays well over 80 and is close to 100 at night and early morning.

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

The easiest way to take care of tillandsias are to mount them on a piece of wood or branch with some kind of adhesive glue (Liquid Nails, etc.) and hang the branch near the top or middle of the tank, hanging it against the background. You can also use Great Stuff and stick the branch into the foam before it dries to hold it in place. Then I've seen people use black silicone and glue on some coco peat moss on the silicone (not where you put your tillandsias).

My guess would be that you'll see them start to rot in a few months. The only time I see tillies do well is when they are mounted near the top of a tank with high light and good ventilation.

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