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Hello from DFW, Texas
Hello everyone, My name is Nyck, I am from North DFW area of Texas.....
I have been interested in Dart's for a while now and have been reading as much as I can find on the care of them.
I recently had a friend give me a 55 gallon tank, that i would like to modify and turn into a Viv, to maybe some day be a home for a frog or two.

I was into the fish hobby for quite sometime with 1500 gallons of water in about 16 aquariums.... Had to get out of it with no time on my hands with work and school. Now I am able to pursue a Viv.

I'm sure there will be lots of questions...... my next step is finding a frog that i can design my viv around, I want to do this right and set up everything for the frogs husbandry. Plant types included. Thanks for the opportunity of joining your awesome forum!

be in harmony.... Nyck
Greetings Nyck and welcome to Dart Den!

You are in a great area for fellow froggers. The triangle contains a lot of hobbyists breeding many different species, so with some patience here, you will make some local friends and contacts and prolly see a cool frog room or too.



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Welcome! I'm down the road in Austin. Like Phil said, you're in a great location with lots of froggers and a variety of locally bred morphs! Be sure to keep an eye out for Casper's annual Frogtoberfest (yes, it IS the original). Look around, post lots of pics. DD is a great resource.
Jim from Austin |
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Welcome to the den!

Good to have another from the DFW area.
What some see as death, others see as beauty.

+1 for the DFW froggers.
Hi Nyck

Big welcome, I am N Dallas area also. Glad to have you in the forum and your welcome to visit to get ideas for a vivscape. IDPM (Brad) has enough frogs to fill 1500 gal a few times over so you shouldnt have any prob finding what you want in the metro.

Scott - North Dallas
That is fantastic, it's is great to meet others from the same area! Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Be in harmony...... Nyck
Welcome aboard Nyck,
Where in DFW area are you, I'm in Sachse if you need any help with anything let me know! Tons of frogs around here and everyone is always willing to help a new frogger!! Talk to you soon !

Jerry A
I am actually from a town called Oak Point. It's quite nice here. Thanks Jerry!

Be in harmony...... Nyck
Welcome Nyck!
Lots of great froggers in the DFW area plus Texas, if you have any questions please let us know.
Hoping to see you at the next Frog Meet.

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