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Metal Halide lighting ok for Dart Frog tanks ?

I have a 175w Metal halide Pendent light and was wondering if this would be for for a tank ? I'm using it over a 40 gallon acrylic tank that will be divided it to 2 chambers. I also have 2x96 power compact I could use too.


P.S. I was keeping a reef aquariums but, the cost was too much and my 2.5 yr old son loves frogs. This is why I have all the lighting equipment.

That should read "...and I was wondering if this would be too much for a tank w/frogs?

Btw its 14000k

That much light will most likely cause heat problems for a dart viv.
What are you're tanks dimensions?
Usually 1.5 to 2 watts per gallon is sufficent, while not heating the tank too much.
You could always experiment with them, since you already own them.
Just my $0.02

Brian T. Sexton

The dimensions are 36x18x13. Its an odd shape. very shallow but, wide. From what your saying I could get away with just 1 of the 96watt bulbs.


Yeah, that would work, though you will still probably have to raise the lights up a few inches away from the top of the tank.
I have a 40 gallon breeder tank (36x18x17) that is lit by two 36 watt compacts with AH reflectors, and it works perfectly.

Brian T. Sexton

I just found a 2x36 pc light that I have ...should work.


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