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Howdy from Texas as well
Hello all! I have been lurking for awhile now and have recently gotten back into darts after a long hiatus. Right now I have a group of Tinctorius 'Boulanger' that I got last August as juvis. I also have a group of Ranitomeya Ventrimaculata that I got at the last NARBC from Josh's Frogs. In the past I kept Leucomelas and had a group of 7 in a large 125 gallon viv.

I have tons of plans at this time of getting into all kinds of trouble with this hobby. I am having a custom cabinet built starting next week and am working with Ghostviv to get it outfitted with his workmanship for vivariums. Right now I plan on doing 5 thumbnail/vertical on the bottom shelf followed up with 4 larger tanks on the top shelf for some larger species.

Definitely want some tricolors for one because the wife loves the call. Thinking imitators for another and so many other options it is hard to nail down choices at this point. I look forward to gleaning all the knowledge I can from y'all and hopefully will have some of my own to contribute.
Hi there !

You are in the DFW or Triangle, I assume ? I'm sure you've already seen all the other Texas froggers here on DD - there must be at least 15-20 of them.

Please post often and don't be shy - all questions are good questions.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I am in the DFW area near Joe Pool Lake. I have been noticing quite a few froggers from around me on here and that is great to see.
Welcome! I'm just down the road in Austin. You're in a great city for frogging! Can't wait to see the custom cabinet build!
Jim from Austin |
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welcome to the group, let us know if you need or have any questions!

Regards JA
Thanks for the welcome. I travel to Austin all the time. Lake way actually to visit family.

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