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I am new to the forum. I have a lot of questions please help
ok guys, I am trying to build something like this. [youtube]d5QTRxbYtK8[/youtube]

The guy on the video uses expanding foam. Im going to build this on a 75g.. how many bottles do you guys think I need to use to recreate it?
It's definitely not going to be exactly like his but Im definitely going to be using way more than he did.

Also, Im not sure what soil he used, since he didnt really state it. Do you guys know what soil is best to use for the land/plants portion of it?
I was planning on making most of the flooring with expanding foam and then just add soil to where i want plants growing. Or maybe just make the division with the expanding foam and add water in one side for the fish and soil in the other for the plants and frogs (not sure what the guy in the video did on that scenario but I think he did the latter).
how big of a pump should i use? etc..
and where to get supplies for this type of build? IF there is an online shop that you guys recommend it would be wonderful!!
This is a build for an university classroom. ( I dont drive so I will have to get everything online and delivered to me).
Also.. I don't particularly have a budget, so let me know what I need ( or suggest things that will look amazing) and I will more than likely get it. :twisted: (unless it's WAAYYY too expensive than common sense will probably make me not do it, but let me know and Ill consider it!).

Also what type of fish would it be ok to keep with this set up?

I have a lot more questions but I figure I can find those out as I go. But if you have a good link to give me for my education please dont hesitate to direct me towards it. Im new to this site so any help will be appreciated.
Hi there and Welcome to Dart Den!

Some quick points and either I, or some other members here will add / fill stuff in.

75 gallons is not considered a large enclosure's kinda medium. That said, it's FAR too small for elaborate multi species and/or paludarium -land and water mixed.

When first starting out -keep it simple. multiple pumps and water and streams and multiple species are all for advanced keepers. SO much can go wrong with all that added stuff.

Fish and frogs do not work well together. They seldom thrive - both.

Here's a cautionary thread on water features:


Soil = do a search here for 'ABG' mix

Vendors here are on the top banner ad or under 'vendors'....PM them for soil and plant availability.

Expanding foam is cheap so 3-4 cans is easy to budget. the above statement...if you've never worked with expanding foam before, it can be tricky and not at all easy to use in background for a 75 gallon tank. If not installed correctly it can break loose en-mass or in chunks and cause havoc. Same with water and foam = bad things can happen.

More later....feel free to tack on more responses or questions in the mean time.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Is it really not a large enclosure? The system on the guy's video is barely a 40g breeder. I figured a 75 would be more than enough. A friend gifted me it, if i had known I'd gotten a bigger system.
In the video, He also seems to have fish in his tank as well, and they seem healthy. I was thinking on having just a couple of fish and maybe 4 or 5 frogs. Ive worked with all kinds of ecosystems before, just not this in particular. ( i have reef tanks, planted tanks,..)

It doesnt have to be expanding foam either. I can get (mostly) what ever it is I need. Again, money is not an issue, so I can buy what ever it is I need to get a system like this going Smile only setback would be that I really can't get another tank as it was a gift.
This tank was originally going to be a fish tank, but I saw this set up and I completely fell in love lol
I should also mention... Im not particularly wanting to get dart frogs.. Which ever frog works with this particular system is the frog that I will be getting. I was just directed to this website from another forum I am part of because you guys probably know a lot more about the system in question.
75 gallons is 'large enough' on it's own, but when you add water, you subtract living space that is needed for the non-fish animals.

The trouble with falling in love with elaborate builds via youtube or online pics, is that they are often then end result of someones growing pains of several years and several earlier builds, They are almost never a first or even second build.

We also recommend trying to find a local mentor or a frogger that can show you vivs and builds already done close up. THAT is the true strength of this forum. You can read and PM and email and look at videos but until you see some vivariums in person and have someone point things out in'll almost never 'get it'.

I'd put a location in your profile...East Coast ? Jersey ? and then look and ask to meet and see some local guys and their completed vivs. THIS would help you 1000%

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I actually work at the GA aquarium, so I can always ask the people who set them up how they did it. However more places are welcomed!
I live in downtown ATL by the way.

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