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How fast does a female lay eggs?
I catch courting behavior from time to time, and sometimes when I get home for the day, I'll find a new clutch somewhere. But I've never saw a female actually lay her eggs. Have any of you? I was just wondering if any of you have and what type of frog? I'm more curious of the larger (Dendrobates and Phyllobates) ones I guess. Does the whole mass come out really fast like explosive diarrhea or is it more kind of a mellow movement?
Never witnessed it myself. I bet its rare that a hobbyist actually sees it happen. Hopefully someone will post on it.

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The closest I ever came to witnessing the actual laying of the eggs. I am not certain how long they were at it before I noticed them and grabbed a camera. It was also so long ago that I cant remember how long she stayed after I stopped filming...and for the life of me, I can't remember why I stopped filming... just about useless I know, haha, but it does take at least 4 minutes for pumilio to lay eggs!


Thanks Wes. I found some fresh terrib eggs yesterday and it just got me thinking about how fast that process happens haha
One of my females laid her first clutch in full view last night. It looked very much like when they defecate, the way her legs moved, but she was sitting a bit flatter. (She also had the other female sitting on top of her trying to lay and the male's face right up in her area, but that's another story.) It probably took about 20 minutes for her to lay six eggs, but I don't know whether it would have been faster or slower without the harassment.

Afterwards the male sat on the clutch and slowly rotated in 360s for about 5 minutes, I assume fertilizing or at least trying to.
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Thanks for the replies. I assumed it does take a while for them to deposit eggs because of how long they sit in an area.
I recently witnessed a pair of azureus laying a clutch of eggs. The male rubbed his stomach over the area where the eggs were later deposited. He was cleaning the area of debris, it was very clean when he was done. He then rubbed his butt back and forth over the area where the eggs were to be deposited, he was depositing sperm. The female then squatted over the area and deposited the eggs over about a 20 minute period, she laid a clutch of eight eggs.
I was amazed at how intelligent the selection of the site was, it was the only area on the leaf that was capable of holding water which the male later returned and deposited on the eggs.

I like blue frogs!

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