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3/15 Awesome giveaways Chicagoland Frogger Social
YOU are invited to the Social! We have really nice (and free!) door prizes and donations from:

- Zoo Med Laboratories: $200 for food and refreshments, a Medium Naturalistic Terrarium w/light fixture and ReptiSun Fluorescent Bulbs. Thank you Gary and Rita!

- Zilla Products: $200 for food and refreshments, Tropical 25 UVB Fluorescent Bulbs, Terraced Dishes, Terrarium Dishes, Led Lighting Fixtures and Dual Lighting Fixtures. Thank you Chuck!

- $100 for food and refreshments (or possibly used instead as a cash door prize), a $50 gift certificate and five packages of cacao leaf litter. Thank you Brad & Marta!

- The Florida Frogger: Six Dendrobates tinctorius 'Powder Blue'. Thank you Dustin!

- Hardscape decor from Universal Rocks. Thank you Mike!

- A Jungle Dawn Grow & Glow and an Arcadia Moonlight LED Striplight. Thank you Todd!

- Glass Box Tropicals: $50 gift certificate and Springtail Food. Thank you Mike!

- Coco Hut Dart Frogs: Three t-shirts and coconut huts. Thank you Chris!

- Two autographed copies of his book Poison Dart Frogs: A Guide to Care and Breeding. Thank you Jason!

Pictures of the last event posted.

Chicagoland Froggers Social - Saturday March 15 - 5:30pm (just after the close of NABRC Tinley Park). Buffalo Wild Wings - 7301 West 183rd Street (1 Block west of Harlem on 183rd St.) Tinley Park

Our purpose is to have a good time with fellow froggers. Membership is free!

If you would like to help sponsor the event or you want to supply something to give away (supplies, plants, gift certificates or even frogs!), just send me a private message or email. We will be sure to tell everyone there of your generosity and you will be hailed on the FB page.

See you on Saturday, March 15th!
Everyone is welcome! Membership is free! Chicagoland Froggers
All this for a 'regular' meeting / social ?? wonder you guys did such a good Frog Day as well !

Go ChicaGO

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Social this Saturday!

The generous donation from Zoo Med Laboratories arrived today (along with $200 toward wings and beverages!)

[Image: 1898019_685778514798333_1710341372_n.jpg]

[Image: 1924665_685778511465000_724636134_n.jpg]
Everyone is welcome! Membership is free! Chicagoland Froggers
A couple more generous sponsors stepped up to the plate before the event took place!

- Josh's Frogs: $100 gift certificate. Thank you Josh!

- One free shipment up to $100. Thank you Chad!
Everyone is welcome! Membership is free! Chicagoland Froggers

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