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Is this Tank ok ?

I was just wondering if this tank is ok, I don't know how to add pictures here, plus they were just drawings on MS paint , but here is the size of the tank: 12x20x12, and all of it is made from plexiglass - is this ok ? Top is covered too, the only open area is a 5x10 hole in the front with a sliding door.

I still need to find out if i have to have vents if so i would put them on the sides at the tops. plus i want a waterfall/ river nothing big, now to do this i am making a small tank to put the pump and a heater into with water.
its going to have a hose going to into the terrarium for waterfall/ stream,and at the end of waterfall/stream there will be a small pool filled with river rocks and another hose going back to the pump/heater tank.

Will this work or will I need something else to pump water back into the pump/heater tank or will the pump in the pump/heater tank be good to pull the water back to it to repeat.

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