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Available Feeders
I have the following feeders available. All feeders are $5 each, except for Giant Isos which are $8 each. All iso cultures contain at least 20 adult/sub adults plus offspring except for giants which contain around a dozen adult/sub adults. Shipping is through Priority Mail with live arrival guaranteed. Please pm or email with any questions.

Dwarf White
Dwarf Purple
Dwarf Striped
Giant Orange (very limited numbers)

Temp White
Giant Springs (very limited number)

Rice Flour Beetles

I also have limited numbers of Turkish Glider, Hydei, Wingless Melo, and Buzattii fly cultures. Please inquire for details on these. Thanks
Out of Dwarf White and Giant Orange for now. Also, I will be unable to ship orders for one to two weeks. I had a family emergency come up and am leaving right away for North Carolina. If you have any questions, please allow me time to respond. As I will be in a cancer center most of the time and cannot have cell phones where I will be. I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks
Updated availability list-
Dwarf Striped Isos $5
Dwarf Purple Isos $5
Giant Canyon Isos $8

Rice Flour Beetles $5

Giant Springs $5
Pink Springs $5
Silver Springs $5

I am back home and shipping cultures again. Please email me for any questions

Updated feeder availability-
Dwarf Striped and Dwarf Purple Isos $5 each
Giant, Pink, and Silver Springs $6 (these are larger than my starter cultures and ready to feed out of when shipped)
Rice Flour Beetles $5

No Giant Isos at this time.
Updated availability-
Isos D. White and D Purple $5
Pink, and Temp White Springs $6
Rice Flour Beetles $5

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