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White banded fantastica for sale
Sellers Name and location -Zach Kowalski Wichita, KS

All of these frogs have been captive raised by me. They have received daily dusted fruit flies and have access to springtails. I received their parents via the first shipment of these frogs from UE last year. I've heard no calling yet, but can make some decent M/F guesses on some of them if you're looking for a pair. All frogs are shipped with phase 22 panels/pouches and will be shipped in thick Styrofoam containers. I ship with the same containers that drug companies ship vaccines to pharmacies in.

Species - Ranitomeya fantastica 'White banded'
Line/Origin -UE
Code -
Age -2-3 mo oow and 3-5mo oow
Quantity - 7 & 7
Price - $110 ea. and $135 ea.
Group Prices -
Preferred Payment Method - Paypal
Shipping Rates & information - Actual shipping charges with NO charge for box OR phase 22 panels. I will ship FedEx or UPS hold for pickup only. I drop off frogs at the hub at approx. 9pm CST for FedEx and 7pm CST for UPS. LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED if picked up within 2 hours of arrival.
Pictures - Here are pictures of 2 of the 5 month old frogs (oow 10/9-10/21)

[Image: cac8cad2-b6f0-40bb-9410-edb8f3238765_zps2cafc718.jpg]

[Image: e57f7c54-b105-449a-b53f-1e55b01f95d7_zpsd9632f24.jpg]
I have 4 of the 3 mo old froglets still available for $550 shipped/OBO. Here are pictures of the individuals:

[Image: P1050703_zpsdcacf06a.jpg]
[Image: P1050706_zps3d0661d1.jpg]
[Image: P1050711_zps7b047d3a.jpg]
[Image: P1050717_zpsd005d668.jpg]
Looking for ay trades?
I will take $475/shipped for the group if they are paid for today.

I don't have anything in particular that I'm looking for in trade, but shoot me a PM with offers.

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