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And so it starts...
I took the plunge. There are actually four of them but the first one had already dashed out of camera range. Hoping to start the vivarium build today.

[Image: IMG_0010_zpscbe34c3c.jpg]

Cleaned up a little bit today and added more leaves so they all ran to the corner and I managed to get a picture of all four together.

[Image: IMG_0064_zps28be845c.jpg]
You took the plunge! Great!

I saw you are going to test which is great. Keep an eye on the three smaller ones - they look a little thin to me but it could be the camera angle. They should fatten up quickly on a steady diet of flies. I try to monitor all new animals as they eat to make sure they are each getting food. If you find the big one is plowing through the flies before the others have a chance to get a full meal consider putting them each in their own QT bin to get them fed.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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The big one definitely is first to the feedings for sure. On the first days I noticed the little guy does hold back, kind of seems to be a loner and I wondered if he was a bit on the slim side. I got them Tuesday, the date on the camera was wrong and I fixed that. The other is the camera angle. Two are just considerably smaller in size. Three of them have pretty full little tummies. Thank you, yes I am watching them closely. Thank you also for initially pointing me to the quarantine discussion to begin with. That was a tremendous help. Smile
Congrats on taking the plunge! Now the real fun begins! It seems that most new "groups" usually have one fatty, and one that's more skinny--it makes sense, they can't all be exactly the same. With practice you will be able to direct more flies toward the smaller ones, and less toward the fatter one. This is easier once they are in their larger, more permanent home, than in a small quarantine or grow out.
Again, congrats! Keep the pix coming!
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Welcome to the addiction Smile

If I have frogs that aren't putting on size/weight as much as others, I tend to separate them so they have a chance to catch up.
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Diane and Dave. Thank you for the tips. The first couple days he hung back from the others and really didn't eat as well. I was about to post and ask if I should perhaps split him out of the group when he joined in. Now I've noticed he is also an early morning hunter, he likes to be the first one up while the others are still snuggled away and he hunts for any flies remaining from the day before, if there are any. But he seems to be gaining ground rather than losing. His little tummy is starting to pooch out now. He's also the most active one of the bunch. He is everywhere. He will be the one I find on the very top leaf or hanging from the very top of the walls.

I got the GS background done yesterday afternoon. For my first try I'm pretty pleased by it. This is a 29 standard so I flipped the picture around so the orientation is correct as to how it will be sitting.

[Image: IMG_0080_zps0311fa72.jpg]

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