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repticon dallas next month?
Is anyone planning on going? i just finished my terrarium a month ago and decided i want to try to get some frogs there. I am just wondering if anyone else will be attending or will mayhaps have some frogs there. I know s&s exotics from houston will be there and have some but i'm uncertain about them. I got my prairie dog from them and they did not know what they were doing with her. She was way too fat from being fed an improper diet. and with prairie dogs being so simple to care for how do they treat their frogs? anyway just thought id ask and see
The one a few months back only had 4 or 5 venders and only s&s had darts. What kind are you looking for? Lots of great breeders in the metroplex that just may have what you are looking for.
What some see as death, others see as beauty.

Typically it's a snake and lizard etc.
Where are you located and what are you interested in? Quite a few of us in DFW have frogs available now.
Oops looks like Casper beat me to it...
Big Grin
im located in llano tx. not far from austin. But travel to the metroplex often as my mother lives in grandprairie. And sisters are in denton at college. I have been looking heavily at either some sort of thumbnail or some mantellas. Just had heard that some sort of convention or in person was the way to go when getting frogs. I take it the consensus is what i thought about s&s. I suppose the best route then is to watch the classifieds on here?
Hello Jereosbou
If you are looking for Intermedius i can help you, i have eight of them ready to go, just let me know if they interest you at all!

Regards Jerry
dropped you a pm. am definitely interested.
The Texas crowd here on DD are excellent froggers and very welcoming. I would recommend you get your frogs from any one of them as opposed to a business that only shows up to Vend at a show.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Got PM and replied back, let me know what you want to do, looking forward to meeting a new frogger in our area ish!!
Regards Jerry

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