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20 gallon long - can I split it in 2 ?

I think I am going to use a 20 gallon long , but split in half and turned on its side to make two tanks. Should i use clear to split or color so the frogs on both sides don't see each other? i think i am going to go with D. Auratus or D. Azureus i am not sure yet. Do i have to have a small pool or will a water dish work good ? What would be the best substrate/ drainage ? Would it better with a false bottom or just river rock / terra-lite clay? Any help for me setting up would be great!



Mark, why do you want to turn the tank on it's side? The way you are wanting to configure this tank you will have very little height to it. Auratus and azureus both like to get on a high spot and call. 20 longs in the standard configuration would be good for primarily ground dwellers like terribilis, or some tincs. Most other species will want to climb and will appreciate some height to the tank. Or if you wanted to stand the tank on end and get a vertically oriented tank that would be good for some arborial species like vents, imitators.
In regards to the height of the tank, keep in mind that once you start putting your drainage layer, and substrate in that will be taking away for your height.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

Ok, i wanted to turn it on its side to make open lid and have more ground room for frogs,but i see what you are saying . then i looked at it turn at end there is more hight but less ground space, i thought the bigger the ground space the better not hight, so i prob. just keep tank how its suppose to be, with open top. the divider is for keeping two breeding pairs of frogs, its not my tank its newp. he wants a pair and i have read you can keep a breeding pair in a 10 gallon tank. so if i want to have those types of frogs i will need some hight in the tank. ok any other help would be good

thanks ,Mark

Are you dead set on a horizontal 20 long? B/c if not, I have some pics of the 20 long vert I made over the summer. It houses two green legged pan. lamasi. The only thing tricky about it was the lighting (which really wasn't that hard to do). If you want you can see pictures at

Nice tank Lucidblue Smile

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