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Will be at Hamburg on DEC 3 and Baltimore Area.

1.0 Calling Intermedius
2.0 Calling Santa Isabella Tricolors
0.1 Proven Female Yellowback
1.0 Proven Azureus

I also have 11 Leopard Geckos I will let go Cheap and they are HIGH COLOR MORPHS....CHECK OTHERS SECTION

I will consider trades for all frogs but a red Amazonicus Female would be great. All Reasonable Offers will be cosidered. thanks

How much would you be asking for the intermedius? T. kelley line I'm assuming?

Sorry Dane Im new to this forum I dont check it as often. I would take 125 for the male but if you have anything for trade just shoot me an email.

Need to add I will be in the Baltimore MD/Hamburg Pa area next weekend. I can deliever. Shipping will be limited depending on the weather at my location and your location. In cases people wish to still ship I will take 50% live arrival guarntee due to the Weather. Hope this Helps.

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