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Can mature frogs develop STS?
I don't have any problem with this at the moment -- everyone's aiming and slurping just fine, even at impressive distances -- but I'm still watching for it even though I'm pretty sure they're all done growing by now. Of course I'm dusting flies with a rotation and don't plan to stop. So can it happen that one of my young adults could develop STS, or is that something that happens only in froglets? I'm sure the frogs would appreciate never again having my face in their faces while they're eating. :lol:
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Short tongue Syndrome? I believe the only reason a mature dart frog could ever develop STS would be from a vitamin A deficiency. Purchase new/fresh vitamins every six months and continue dusting your feeder insects and you shouldn't ever have a problem.

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Thanks. I inferred that was the case, but I wanted to make completely sure. I do write the date on my supps and buy new every six months.
A girl named Joey.

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