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Ecozone vivarium controller and other supplies for sale

1. Slightly used ecozone vivarium controller that comes with one temperature probe and two humidity probes. It works great, I just have no use for it as I sold the frogs. ($200 shipped)

2. Mist king misting system that comes with two adjustable dual head misters and bucket. ($95 shipped)

3. 4 foot of 3 inch heat tape that has the power cord attached already.

4. 3ft x 4ft hygrolon sheet and ecoweb small slab 1.5ft x 1ft ($25 shipped)

5. Half bag of folius moss mix

$300 for everything shipped

how much for the moss mix?

Brandon's 10g Vert Convert

dragonspirit1185 Wrote:how much for the moss mix?

$10 shipped usps priority mail.


Do you still have the Hygrolon? Hope you received my pm

No I bought it, the ecoweb was listed too but I never received it. He just decided to send me hygrolon. Good luck.

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which mist king system is it?

I'll buy the ecozone and Mistking system if you still have it

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