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Hello! New frogger from DFW here.
Hi everyone. My name is chris and I live in DFW, basically right on the border of fort worth and north richland hills.

I have a account on dendroblahblah. Well about a week ago I was asking about thumbs and breeders in Texas. A nice lady referred me to a guy named Brad who lives near by that has thumbs. We conversed through email and he told me about dartden! He was telling me there are quite a few people from DFW/Texas on here. So here I am!

Graduate from Texas Tech, working in Southlake and wishing my real job was building vivariums Big Grin Big Grin

I have always had an interest in animals and nature. Grew up housing multiple reptiles/amphibians in various set ups. Kind of recently found out and got into the hobby. I have only built three vivariums. One right now houses 2 green tree frogs, 2 smooth green snakes and one green anole. They are living in a 35 hex. I built a ten gallon vertical, I guess basically to see if I could, well I did and it sucks haha. I am tearing it apart this weekend.

It's so addicting! I have multiple plants and broms that I have ordered that I don't know what to do with! I am learning to propagate plants right now. I should have my greenhouse built by the end of summer so hopefully I will have enough plants to share among my fellow dartden froggers. This weekend or next I am starting my 40 gallon breeder conversion. Should be interesting! I have 3 ten gallons empty that I will start after the 40. I am building an entertainment center that'll hold the 40, 10's, two 20's and the one 36 gallon bowfront. It will basically be indentical to the entertainment center I have now, except the dimensions will be fit to house the tanks.

I am babbling a lot. I love talking about this stuff and hope to meet fellow froggers in the area. Always fun to BS and check out tanks and learn new stuff. I just ordered FF culture breeding kit so I can have them ready for my thumbs.

I am adding a pic of the 36 bow I just did a few weeks ago. I know you guys hate water features for PDF's but I wasn't sure I would put anything in this. It was kind of just for fun and my viewing pleasure. It has a water feature and I don't ever want to do one again. I am tempted to do a drip wall for my 40 but if I don't, it would save me so much headache ha!

I am excited to be here and learn new stuff, ask questions, feed my imagination and make new friends!
Welcome nice tank!
Thank you and thank you!
Welcome to Dart Den Chris !

You are right about the Texas peeps...there are a lot here on DD. Very good people too, I may add.

Glad to have you stop by - please hang out as often as you like. Nice viv too !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Good to see you on the boards buddy

Cant believe your vert didnt turn out, you showed some great skills on your bow front.
Scott - North Dallas
Welcome! There are certainly a few of us here in the DFW.
Thank you Phil for the kind words. I am pumped to be here!

Thank you rana! The ten vert wasn't to my satisfaction Smile my girlfriend liked it. Just not me. Thank you so much for the complement on the bowfront!

Thanks hun, I'm looking forward to meeting some. I see you're in Mansfield. There's a pet store called pet-o-rama, not sure if it's worth checking out.
Pet-O-Rama is now Pangea Pets but they still have their old signage. It is not a horrible store but not the best in the way of stocking any type of supplies. They recently changed ownership and are really trying to turn it around so I give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they make it all it could be. The do have some darts (leucs and azureus) at the normally inflated prices of a retail store. Their fish department is shaping up well and I am usually in there once a month or so to get a feeder for my green tree python.
Welcome to DartDen! You are in the right city in Texas for frogging...lots of hobbyists keeping cool morphs with tons of experience and knowledge they readily share, a great annual frog meet and a custom viv builder! Great job on the viv. Looking forward to your build threads.
Jim from Austin |
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Green tree pythons rule! My girlfriend works in Mansfield. Next time I'm down there I'll swing by that store. I couldn't believe how expensive dart frogs were at a pet store I went to a few weeks ago.

Joneill thank you! Pumped to be here. Didn't realize there were so many froggers in dfw and Texas. I visit Austin often to hike. I wish I had started this hobby in college when I had tons of time and money that wasn't for bills. Haha

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