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Plant Search - Local to DFW would be nice
I am about to start building our my Ghost vivs and I am looking for some specific plants and was wondering if any of the locals had these or cuttings available:

Discordia ruscifolia
Ficus pumila 'Quercifolia' - creeping fig 'Oak Leaf'
Korean Rock Fern

I am also going to need a good amount of broms. If someone local has those it would be nice but I can also order.

On all of these I am also not opposed to shipping if necessary.

I should be getting three vivs this week with two more immediately on the way and more to come soon.

Feel free to PM me.
Plants and Planters in Richardson is probably your most reasonable bet for broms (you can usually find fireballs and other common neos there with a dozen or so pups on them), and may or may not have some of the other stuff. North Haven Gardens in N. Dallas is another possibility, although they tend to be on the pricier side. Outside of that, you can often find the ficus, dischidia and rock ferns hiding out in the houseplant section of Lowes and Home Depot. The trick is usually to figure out what days they put out new plants, and grab them before they've had a chance to kill them. Be sure to check the hanging plants too; I've bought both dischidia and oak leaf ficus as hanging plants at Home Depot before.
Thanks for the referrals Chuck. I check Home Depot and Lowes regularly as well and got some stuff that I had on my list that way already. I will have to check out Plants and Planters. Looks like a cool place.
Calloway's also has a lot of small viv suitable plants. The store near me had a ton of ferns last time I was there.
Go to nurseries and plant businesses / greenhouses - plants are more viv suitable and probably safer.

Ask if they used pesticides or fertilizers - you want neither if possible.

LOWES and Home Depot both tend to outsource from places using both. I would avoid them.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I was at plants and planters over the weekend and they had no broms, I also went by calloways. Calloways had nothing but BIG broms, but said they expect a shipment of smaller in this week.
If you don't mind a bit of postage, BonnieLorraine is selling 5 broms for $25, your choice of small, medium or large on her ebay store - -- it's also probably worth asking her about anything else you're looking for as she does a ton of ferns and other stuff too.
This is awesome information for plants. Almost everyone who replied is in the dfw. Chuck I had no idea about those nurseries. I am going to check those out in a couple weeks.

Hun73r. I'm new here. Good to meet another local frogger!

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Heya Mohler! Nice to meet ya online as well. Found a nursery in the Dallas area that had broms, orchids, jewel orchids, and others. It is called North Haven Gardens. Nice store with super friendly staff.
I'll be checking that place out ASAP. Pumped that people sell broms here, I'm a fan of neos. I don't care for the ones I find at lowes or calloways.

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