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Quite the prolific newbie
My bigger female has laid three clutches of eggs so far. The first was 8 or so, the second was 11, and yesterday was 14! So far no fertile ones, though I understand that's perfectly common in new egg-layers. There have been one or two double-yolked eggs in each clutch, and similarly some egg cases without yolks.

Is the size of these clutches just a function of her trying to get it all right? Maybe she doesn't know she ought to be laying more frequently with fewer eggs? Smile
A girl named Joey.
I must have miscounted. I removed two double-yolks and now count 15 eggs, so it must have been 17 yesterday.
A girl named Joey.
Hard to say 'how many eggs' is just right...

auratus can have @ a dozen. Maybe your female was a bit egg-bound and kind of...exploded. Should calm down and be fewer in number as they go on.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
That was my wild guess, Phil; glad to hear I might be right.
A girl named Joey.

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