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feeding frequency ?
Do the frogs tell you when they are hungry? Such as you see them out and searching for food? Cause I barely see mine except for my baby frog ... I just dump some FF in and don't dump more till about a day later when the first batch are all gone. Is this the proper way to feed?
Dart Frogs will hunt and be a little more active - searching for insects, but chances are you will not notice it as such. Nothing like a cat, dog, bird ect - easy to see they are asking /looking for food.

Sounds like you have it down...don't overfeed. If you see a lot of 'extra' or leftovers - then skip a day or even two until they are all gone.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Cool sounds good thanks
Are the frogs still getting the vitamins that I dusted the FF with even if they aren't eating them right away? When I see the FF they aren't dusted anymore and still living running around and playimg.
A good way to judge feeding is to put a plastic lid with a piece of banana on it in the cage. If it is covered in flies a day after feeding then back off on the amount fed until you have just a few flies a day after initial feeding. I feed 3x per week (mon, wed and fri) and it took me a while to get the amount right. It is very easy to put too many flies in there.

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