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Exo Terra Large Wide - divided ?
Hey guys I just got an exo terrain large wide ... for 20 bucks... In great condition as anyone ever had luck converting a tank like this into 3 separate enclosures? Any feed back or tips would be great. If it's best for me to just resale telling me that would be great also. Looking forward to any ideas.
That's a great price but heck...more great deals / prices will always be around the corner in life, if ya think about it.

Dividing a tank is a total PITA. There are dangers of cross contamination from frogs being so close together and I honestly don't know how you would manage with those 2 doors - dividing. I've never heard or seen anyone do it - not to say it's never been done. I just think it would be easier to make it one big viv. It would be EPIC for a group of 4 terribilis - the 'bulldogs' of the Dart Frog world.

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Lol yea .. I have a friend with 6 adult yellow terriblis wanting to give to me for 500 but I really don't want to make such a huge viv i don't have much space I could easily set up 2 more vivs instead of this one.

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