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Pumilio for sale

Hi all, I have been lurking here for some time but mainly have spent my time on dendroboard. While I have little rep her I do have plenty there and have numerous people that can vouch for my business ethics, shipping practices, and health of the frogs I offer. That being said I have the following available

A 1.1 very proven pair of 'Vulture Point' pumilio. SR 2013 imports. Super productive pair and once in an established viv I know from experience they will produce eggs and tads within 2-3 weeks. Have produced many froglets for me. $250

0.3 popa. SR 2014 import. All are super plump and ready to lay. Have not experienced any calling from these three and sticking to them being all girls. $200

I ship FedEx hub to hub. SYR with live arrival guaranteed. No box or phase panel charge at this time. PM with any questions, or feel free to email me

Forgot to add pictures.. Could only get the female out for the vulture points.. The male wouldn't come out of a brom to cooperate.

Also the three popa

[Image: de7abejy.jpg]

[Image: pu5e5upu.jpg]

[Image: ygy3y2yg.jpg]

Would do 450 shipped for all. Or trade all for proven bennies, escudo, or a pair of fants. Would negotiate cash on top and shipping costs based on the trade offer.

would be good to put a location in your profile.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I suppose you are right! Lol. Good to see you are still around, have not seen much of around DB
#6 dusted this place off @ 2011 and have been year ever since (site owner). I'm just surprised it took you this long to come over here

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Like I said, I've been a lurker lol. But DB has been a bit slow for a lot of stuff so I'm venturing out haha

Also, I can't figure out how add my location using tapatalk so I will fix when I get home to my PC. I am in tri cities Washington (state). I can hand deliver the frogs memorial weekend as well. As long as it's within the state

Buy this weekend for 350+ shipping. That's both sets.

As of today, I have removed 6 froglets from broms in the Vulture Point tank. This is the biggest batch of froglets this female has cared for so far in our care. Huge turn out of babies!

all frogs have been sold. please delete/close thread mods. I cant seem to figure out how to delete my own.

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