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Greetings from Georgia

Hello everyone, Hayden here. I've been lurking for awhile but finally decided it was time to make my presence known after being all but ignored on "the other forum" just because I'm not a member of "the cool kid club". What a bunch of dicks... Anyway, I've been into PDF for a little over a decade now and herps in general for much longer than that. I am just getting back into the hobby after a 4 year hiatus due to my job. A little background on that. I work for the Department of Defense (former Marine) and had an opportunity to transfer to Kaneohe Bay, Oahu 4 years ago. I couldn't pass the opportunity so I took the transfer but in doing so had to sell off my entire collection as the laws of Hawaii and the logistics of getting everything from Georgia to Hawaii made staying in the hobby all but impossible. Some of you may remember me from the Talk to the Frog forum if any of you were a member over there years ago. I used to breed Mossy Frogs (T. Corticale) and Cinnamon Frogs (N. Pictus) very regularly and posted over there pretty often before selling my collection. My experience with darts isn't quite as extensive but I have kept (and bred) D. Tinctorius (Azureus), Mint P.Terribilis, D. Auratus, P. Bicolor, E. Tricolors (SI), D. Leucomelas, Vents, and probably a few others that I can't remember at the moment. I had an opportunity to transfer back to Georgia to Warner Robins AFB in January and I took the opportunity in order to move back closer to my family and to get back into frogs! Needless to say it didn't take me long to get back into the hobby, but my collection is still small. Right now I'm working with a group of 1.2 Banded Leucs and 1.1 pair of Rio Teribe Pumilio that have already produced quite a few offspring for me already. I look forward to getting to know more of you in the future and hopefully I can be part of "the cool kid club" over here. :-)

Welcome to Dart Den Hayden!

Georgia has at least 10 members here on DD that I think I know of. Not terribly active though. How far away from Atlanta Botanical Gardens are you ? That is one of the USA 'Meccas' for Dart Froggin'.

If you think DB is 'clique-y' now, you should have seen it years ago! One of the reasons I dusted off this site was to provide a choice where there never used to be one. The 'cool kid club' here on DD is simply the people who post a lot, post pics and engage in the hobby / be active. I don't play favourites here either and try not to hold back info (unless it's extremely personal and not entirely Hobby related). You'll find more 'truth' and knowledge here per capita, I believe.

Hope to see ya around and don't be shy. You get out of the hobby 'what you put into it'.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Yeah I've been on DB for almost 10 years now and to me it seems worse now than it's ever been. It's extremely frustrating at times. I'm a few hours South of the ABG so I don't get up there too often. I know quite a few Georgia froggers that are on both forums but unfortunately for me, most of them are in the Atlanta area, and like I mentioned, I'm a few hours South of there. I actually got the opportunity to meet a fellow Georgia frogger over the weekend that works at the Georgia Aquarium since I was up in the area. That's one of the best things about this hobby for me, is meeting local froggers and exchanging ideas, frogs, feeders, plants, or even a few beers! And it's one of the things I also missed the most about being in the hobby and am really excited to be able to enjoy that aspect again. I'll try to stay as active as possible on here because this hobby really is a passion for me.

Welcome to DartDen (and welcome back)! Looking forward to seeing your build threads as you ramp up your collection!

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

Welcome. While this board is a little quieter the info is better and so are the interactions.

Thanks everyone! I am actually in the planning phase of building a BIG 48X18X24 enclosure as we speak! I'm STOKED!

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