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Ideas for Terribilis Build

I had the opportunity to find a pretty large tank on Craigslist (48X18X24) about 3 months ago and have since been gathering materials to get started on this monster. So far I have LBL drainage rocks, ABG substrate, LOTS of cork, Expanding Foam (black), hygrolon, moss mix, several plants, and microfauna out the yang. I've decided I'm going to build this tank for a group of Orange Terribilis (I've kept Mints in the past and LOVED them) and I have a basic idea of how I want to set it up, but the more I dig through old threads, the more indecisive I get. I've built dozens of tanks in the past, but never one quite this big and I'm planning on making this a really nice display tank right in the middle of my living room as opposed to the frog room, so I want it to be really special. So I guess, my point in making this thread is just to get some ideas of maybe some things I haven't thought of or some really cool tank ideas that may give me some ideas. Please don't tell me to use the search button as I mentioned I've searched relentlessly already and have gotten some great ideas from searching. So please let me hear your ideas people! Thanks in advance.

That should be a great display tank!

I did one carved foam background - spent a LONG time on it, and within 2 months it was covered in plants Smile. The big build I did used cork only and took about a day or two to layout the cork bark. I like using a mix of cork bark flats and rounds to create ledges and planting areas on the background. I try to incorporate climbing "ramps" and composite tree stumps from rounds to use more vertical space in my vivs. Sounds like you may have a few options their if you have a bunch of cork.

When you say the middle of your living room are you thinking of a peninsula design, or a scaped back wall?

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Thanks for the response! Yeah I bought a HUGE bag of cork from a guy getting out of the hobby so I could definitely find some uses for that. I thought about building several layers on the background, but my only concern is that the Terribilis won't utilize the vertical space. I had a group of Mint Terribilis several years back and they never ventured off the ground level of the tank. One idea I've seen on the boards that I'm really considering is constructing a stump from the cork I have and putting a few broms and some moss on it. I've done a foam/cocofiber background on almost every single tank I've built but I think I'm going to stear clear of that on this one and do a minimal foam covered in hygrolon background and letting the moss cover it. Keep the ideas coming!

What fun to build such a big viv! I built out a viv, 18x18x24, and in January I put 4 orange terribs in it. At the time they were 3-4 months OOW. They are growing like crazy, almost as big as my full grown azureus now. Anyway, I didn't do a background, I used cork rounds and tiers, or layers.
It has amazed me, the 4 of them each has their own "level". I will try to post pix soon, but our computer sh*t the bed, and we just got a new one today, so I can't even get to my mail yet, let alone post a picture!
Anyway, the phyllobates each has its own level. Lowest level, bottom level is 1/4 water. Next up is layers of substrate, with cork bark. All 4 of the frogs has its own level, and they pretty much stay there, except during feeding time, when they get close!
My point is, yes, Phyllobates do use the verticle space.
Good luck, and send pix!

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That's what I love about Terriblis is their size and boldness. I had a group of Mint's years ago and I loved them. I noticed mine climbed quite a bit when they were juvies, but never after they reached adulthood. I still may incorporate a few ledges just in case. I have plenty of cork to make that happen. I plan to take pics as I go and will probably wait until I'm finished before posting. Thanks for the tips!

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