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D/FW DIY LED Fixtures (already assembled and running)
(pickup in Rowlett only, no shipping)

Just testing the water -- I'm reconfiguring my frogroom for my move in the next few weeks, and I'm considering selling some or all of the DIY LED fixtures I built (
click here for pictures and details of the build). This will be up to four 46" heatsinks / fixtures (meant to mount on a 48" rack) with a mix of cool white, neutral white and warm white LEDs that seems to grow plants nicely (see my vivs thread), along with all associated drivers, cabling etc. several of them might need minor soldering to touch up solder joins that have loosened through handling (pretty much zero skill required). I've also got a 12" rectangular suspended fixture with the same mix of LEDs that I used over a planted aquarium. I'm looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of $125 per fixture, or I'll cut you a deal if you want all of it.

If you're interested, PM me or otherwise get in touch. I'll need about a week's lead-time to get them unmounted if someone wants them.

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