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Light levels data document
I believe ... Y5R-1DH1NE this document contains only available light levels actually measured for common dart frog lights such as the Jungle Dawn and Grow and Glow.

I also have a Finnex Ray 2 36 inch which is a good control since data is available for that fixture as well as the Finnex Planted Plus, this is also the first data on the planted plus I am aware of.

This data will enable you to compare more accurately against other fixtures which do have data, and make better estimates of how many lights you will need for specific vivarium up to 36 inches deep and 24 inches off center.

Currently more measurements have been taken then just about any other set available for a given fixture including end measurements in 2 dimensions on some fixtures. I am not sure if this extensive measuring will continue with future fixtures.

You should be able to view the data and if you want you can download your own copy of the document so you can manipulate the pivot table and or attempt to create virtual layouts.


If you have equipment or data to contribute you can contact me. The light meter is not my own so I will not have it for too long but I may borrow it again in the future.

Also URL tags seem to be broken here.
What are you trying to say...

Very confusing.

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You will have to be more specific as to what confuses you. I am not trying to say anything I am making data available where none existed before.

Well besides the part where I say URL tags are not working correctly on this forum. Which is why I have a long link in the middle of a sentence instead of making the words "this document" a hyperlink.
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Maybe I didn't use the advanced editor or maybe I had quotes, those are the only things I see different than what I did.
I had to update the link, also added more data including more points for Finnex fixtures and some calibration data for lux on a galaxy note 3.

Fixture PAR Data

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