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Hello from England - New Frog Guardians!

Hello Dart Denians!
We are new dart frog enthusiasts, we really like the look of the forum.
We have two lovely Dendrobates tinctorius -one Patricia and one fumee, in a live plant vivarium... Expect to get a bit of a bashing for having two different morphs in together.. we didn't know it was frowned upon, sorry..

Attached is a picture of our new vivarium, overseen by our resident Mayan tank god Hamahte. You might just spot his likeness in the far right corner.

We've never been on a forum before, but we're completely new to dart keeping and sure we'll be seeking advice soon!
Carly and Rory

Welcome! There are a few froggers from across the pond that frequent DartDen. Glad to see another!

In terms of mixing morphs, yes, you are going to get lots of advice on how best to proceed since this is a hot button issue, but that is what forums are about. I think we're pretty good at DartDen about offering advice and corrective actions to new folks to help them do what's best for the animals. My advice would be to build a second viv! It's fun, and then you can have two enclosures with two bold and beautiful tinc morphs! I won't rehash all the mixing/hybrid stuff here - there's lots of information at DartDen so look around, ask questions.

Welcome to the hobby and to DartDen! And start a build thread on your second viv Smile

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

Hi there , and welcome to Dart Den!

Have you read any of the 'mixing' threads here? There are 2-3 really good ones that I recommend. Here in the U.S there is one business that is attempting to make hybrid frogs mainstream and they are failing - for a variety of reasons.

That's my immediate caution to you. Should there be breeding, you should 'cull' / freeze the eggs.

Great looking vivarium and frogs !!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Hi thanks for the welcome and the advice!

We're definitely not planning to breed them, so if we found some tads, we'd 'take care of it' :-0 !!!
Tempted to do the second viv tho...

Speak soon

Can we get bigger pics of the frogs? The one up front looks like a yellowback to me.


Hi frogfreak,
Slightly larger pictures of both frogs.. Apologies for grainy quality (no camera at mo - taken on phone)
we're led to believe that the yellow and black is a Dendrobates tinctorius 'fume' and the blue legs a 'patricia'... any advances?

Also, any guesses on sex welcome.

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