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BIG Terribilis Build
Finally finished the custom stand and hood for the ~90 gallon behemoth that will one day house a group of Orange Terribilis.[Image: ma8uqe7y.jpg]

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Added about 6 gallons of LDL drainage stones. [Image: 7azadaqa.jpg]

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Added about 5 gallons of ABG mix along with a few gallons of ground magnolia leaves. I came up 3 or 4 gallons short on substrate which I plan to buy more soon. I also seeded the tank with white temp springs, trop pinks, silvers, dwarf white isos, CR purple isos, striped isos, subterranean termites, and pill bugs. [Image: su2u9yra.jpg]

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Nice stand! What did you decide on hardscaping?
Jim from Austin |
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Thanks! I worked on that stand for several months a little at a time on the weekends and I'm happy with the turnout. As far as the hardscaping, I covered the background with a thin layer of pond foam yesterday afternoon and covered the entire backgroud with hygrolon. I am also in the middle of building a stump out of cork bark and hygrolon. I'll try to get more pics up this afternoon, but at this point I am pretty much at a stand still until I get the rest of the substrate in. Also I'm looking for a few ideas for plants if anyone can help on that regard. I have margravia sintensii that I plan to root on the hygrolon background (along with the Folius moss mix that I got with the hygrolon) and a few other odds and ends too. Considering I'm going with a group of Terribilis for this tank, plants native to Colombia would be nice if I can get my hands on some. Thanks in advance!

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