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F/S -Termite Colonies Complete with Kings/Queens
Well, looks like my master colonies have been hard at work over the winter. I've had a flush of new reproductives sprout, and I'm able to let go of a few. So up for sale are several subterranean termite colonies, with all caste members included. Each colony consists of 4-5 mature reproductives (kings and queens), as well as 50-60 soldiers and workers. Every termite is a product of captive propagation, no field-collected insects here Smile I've been keeping sustained termite colonies for over 10 years, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot a pm to me. I'll include a summary on care and propagation with each culture. $35 each plus $15 shipping, including any insulated packaging or heat/cold packs, if necessary. Paypal accepted. Thanks!

I have just a handful of colonies left after the weekend's orders. I'll update when all are spoken for. Thanks!

I have two colonies left. We're finally getting a little break from the heat after this weekend so shipping day is Monday! Thanks to all who have purchased/inquired.


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