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Color change?
Well, this is weird.

I have 1.2 turquoise-and-bronze auratus all the same age and from the same clutch. The photo below shows that they are all the same color. Although that isn't their true color; they're much more blue but being near the light changes that. The male is the one at the top.

Today, all three frogs spent hours in the cocohut. There's a lot of eggs in there and I have no idea if it's from one female or both. All three frogs, the male first, have been soaking their butts in "the pool" ever since, which I find kind of funny. (It's just a few mm of water in a very shallow food dish.)

The weird thing is this: the male looks like he's actually changed color. I think the spots are the same but the skin color is just like the green-and-blacks. It's not blotchy like skin disease, and it's not the light trick, because next to a female in the same spot, the difference is very visible. I can't manage to get a photo just yet. He isn't behaving differently at all -- the three are all socializing normally and he's snaffling flies just as enthusiastically as ever -- but his abdomen might be a little swollen. It's hard to tell from the position he's in; I'll see more once he starts his acrobatics again tomorrow.

Are there any problems with frogs that begin with a total change in skin color? Could it be from whatever sort of mating business was going on in the hut for so long? Am I just still being a "new mom" about this?
A girl named Joey.
Okay, some time later, and he seems to be back to normal. Now that I look at him, he definitely was a little swollen up, so the skin stretching might have produced the color change. Now his color and muscle definition are perfect, and he's even calling again, which is pretty rare after a cocohut session!

Could the stress of fertilizing or maybe being around two laying females have done this? I've never seen anything like it before and I can't find anything on any forums about it.
A girl named Joey.
All Dart Frogs can get 'darker' due to stress ect.

Breeding is indeed 'stress' after all. Maybe not for humans, heh, but for is.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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