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Marcgravia growing tips ?
I picked up a few cuttings of Margravia Sintensii and a cutting of Margravia Rectiflora about a month ago. The Sintensii I had shipped to me and due to a shipping incident, one of the cuttings came in dry and yellow. Actually the reason I received the second cutting from the seller is because the first one came in in the condition that it did. But I placed it on some wet moss and placed it under a bright light and it's slowly getting its color back. My issue is, I am still constructing the tank that these plants will eventually be placed in. So what's the best way to grow them in the meantime? As I mentioned before I have them placed on wet spaghum moss under a bright light and mist them several times a day. I've had them like this since I got them a month ago and they seem to be doing fine, I'd just like to hear from someone who has experience growing this plant that may have a better way or some tips. Thanks in advance.
Oops... I misspelled Marcgravia in my thread and don't see an edit feature. I always leave that damn "c" out...
This is an easy plant to grow. Damp moss and good light are pretty much all you need.

If you want lots of offshoots then I would remove the tip every so often

Awesome. Great tip! Thanks

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