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mixing dendrobates auratus ?
hi everyone i just signed up and i wanna take a moment thank everyone for welcoming me to this great community and the people that work hard to make this wonderful place possible

ok down to the business, im back in the hobby after a 7 year hiatus so forgive me if my ignorance is apparent, i have currently have a dendrobates auratus Alto de Piedra morph and i'm very much interested in acquiring 2 dendrobates auratus of the Bronze morph. my question being if i house my alto de piedra auratus with my bronze auratus is there a danger of them crossbreeding? also would the offspring they produce actually be fertile "regular" darts or the much maligned hybrids? let me be perfectly clear i have no intention of crossbreeding them, that is what i want to prevent, but for plannings sake i'd like to know what happens when different sub species of auratus breed and if their young are fertile "true threaded" or
sterile hybrids.

theres no rush, atm i only have 2 froglets and i'm trying to flesh out my ideas and have all my other ducks in a row before I buy new frogs. thanx for reading, sorry bout the length.
If they are opposite sex of the Alto and are healthy, yeah there would be a pretty good chance of some crossbreeding action with fertile offspring I would guess. Is building 2 vivs an option for you?

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