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Exoterra moss mat + hydro garden ?

Hey I was wondering If any one has tried the fake moss mats from exoterra. Ive been thinking about using them to overlay the hydropon clay balls and cutting slits in them to put my plants through to cut out the peat dirt substrate, and go for the hydroponic garden approach rather than the layered soil approach. I was just wondering if any one has tried (and liked) the mats, from the looks of them they seem like a good idea, but may be difficult to clean (they look like they would melt or retain any chemical solution like the 10% bleach sol).

appears to be a synthetic substance so it would probably to hold up to bleach without issue, but not sure how you would clean in the tank with it planted and all the animals in place. It will probably not break down so it would not be very conducive to micro-fauna and any rotting leaf litter would not have any soil to be absorbed into. If you are wanting a more sterile environment this would give you that but the frogs may not be happy with it.

I plan on going 100% organic with tree fern panels not only on the back and sides but for the false bottom also!

Microfauna reallys booms with tree fern panel.

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