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Pumilio Distress Call?
I have a group of 4 Rio Teribe Pumilo froglets ranging in age from ~4-7 months that I pulled from my adult pairs tank a little while back. In the past few weeks I've noticed an occasional very short call coming from the froglets tank so I have been closely monitoring them in hopes of pulling the froglet that is calling. What I've noticed in my observations is the froglet that is calling only calls when one of the other froglets comes into contact with it. My experience with Pumilio is very limited, so my question is does this mean this froglet is definitely a male, or are female Pumilio capable of some sort of "distress call"? Thanks in advance.
If I had to guess, it's a sexually mature male, seeking to assert its dominance in the order of all those other froglets.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
That's great news because I was hoping to pull an extra male from this group. It's funny because the one that calls is the largest one and probably the oldest. Nice, fat little guy. Hopefully I can catch him in the act again soon so I can pull him. Thanks for the response.

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