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WTT tarantulas for frogs
Hello i figured i would put this out there. Im looking to trade a few of my tarantulas for any type of dart frog. Must be around the philidelphia area as i wont ship. let me know if your interested at all and what you have. I have a variety of tarantulas just ask i might have it.
PM Jeremy here:


If he doesn't want them, he undoubtedly knows someone or somewhere to direct you.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
i tried to pm him but it says the user doesnt exist for some reason
You must be doing something wrong. I just used the Pm to him myself and it went through fine

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Just wated to add i also have a male and female pastel poss het for pied ball pythons, 1 colombian rainbow boa im also willing to trade.
I have a few snakes i am willing to trad for some frogs also. I have 1.1 pastel ball pythons, 0.0.1 colombian rainbow boa. local trades only but i am willing to drive half way if your not to far.
no longer have the ball pythons. i do have 2 colombian rainbow boas and a male dumerils boa plus tarantulas.

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