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I'm confused - epipedobates ?
Between E.anthonyi and E.tricolor. I see some people say they have E.tricolor (santa isabel) and others who have E.anthonyi (santa isabel) are they actually different or the same frog just 2 different names. Its so confusing at times.
Taxonomy is often more confusing than not for Herps, frogs especially.

I think they are two different species:

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yep and are almost identical in appearance from what I can see.
I know its very confusing since it seems like things get renamed or reclassified a lot. i am curious because i tthought i read somewhere that they were the same or something like that. why do the scientist have to make things so difficult for everyone lol
I believe that they were split into either anthonyi or tricolor depending on which side of the Andes mountains the frog was from.
i guess if they were split can you have bot of them called santa isabel. I only wonder is i have seen both for sale at times.
At one time, they were all classified as E. tricolor. More recent taxonomic studies showed that they are actually two different species, so E. anthonyi was split off and given species status. I don't have my Lotters book at the moment, but essentially tricolor only occur above a certain altitude, whereas anthonyi occur above and below this line.

The only true tricolor currently in the hobby is the 'ABG' Moraspungo...though a new locale, 'Rio', is being released from WIKIRI in the coming months. All others Santa Isabel, Highland, Rio Saladillo, etc. are anthonyi.

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