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racks with tanks for sale
Selling these two store racks, set up for saltwater, 1-rack has four aqueon 33 longs in it top tank has cracked back but could be fixed or replaced when petco has there 1.00 a gllon sale for $33.00, rack 2 has 2-33 longs and 2-55 gallons, they both have 4" powerglow fixtures and bulbs, pumps, wet/dry filters w/bio media. Rack are metal powder coated black w/black ABS facade. Dims are 51.25 x 16 x 90.5. want 350.00 each. No shipping pick up only!! Dallas Texas area!

Regards Jerry
Sorry about the pictures being sideways!!
Can that be fixed?

Regards Jerry
Also open to trades as well!

Bump on these, the top tank that was broken has been fixed and replaced, anyone, Bueller!
These are real nice in person, wish I had a bigger house for more stuff. Someone is going to score nice with these!
Scott - North Dallas
Yes they are Scott, with a little bit of creativity they could even be used for frogs or some other amphibian/reptile! Thanks for taking the time to look at them! Have a great weekend!

Regards Jerry
these are gone thanks

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