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Ranitomeya reticulatus with tadpoles

Hi all Just though I'd share a few shots of one of my retics with some tadpoles. Sorry they are a little grainy, he was a little gun shy and I didn't want to disturb him too much. looks like I missed a few eggs...... Thanks for looking George

[Image: normal_retictadcrp3.jpg]

[Image: normal_retictadcrp2.jpg]

[Image: normal_retictadcrp.jpg]

wow george, nice pics. are your retics really that red, or does your camera make the oranges more red?

Hi Mack, my retics are at least that red and if anything a little more dark red. Not sure why but my camera tends to make the reds a little more burnt orangish but better this that exaperated colors. I think is partly how I feed the tads and adults and part genetics. Thanks George

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