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Running: 24x18x18 Exoterra Epoxy Stone Build
I decided to finally try my hand at an Epoxy stone build. I just finished the waterfall and will be working on the background over the next few weeks (starting Saturday). I've always wanted to try faux stone but have been intimidated... After much research, I finally started building a few weeks ago and slowly finished the waterfall (today).

I will be posting photos as I make progress. While my epoxy stone skills are improving, I'm still intimidated and hope I can make a decent background as I'm relatively satisfied with the waterfall I finished.

Here are some photos of the waterfall and some rocks I made:

Here is the carved foam:
[Image: image5.jpeg]
Foam after hitting it with a torch and starting to cover with epoxy & sand:
[Image: image4.jpeg]
Here is the waterfall after the first coat of epoxy:
[Image: image3.jpeg]
I wasn't impressed with the results so I went for a different look and started adding a new layer:
[Image: D167D75E-4AE4-474B-9DA4-B5A726BF819C.jpg]
Final layer finished:
[Image: 27EFAFF0-E288-4A4B-9845-9E634C2EA254.jpg]

While trying to hone my sculpting/carving skills, I used some foam balls which I shaped, torched, and covered in epoxy & sand:
[Image: image1.jpeg]

I will post more photos as the build progresses.

-Christian Powell

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Very nice!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I really like the look of that waterfall! Nice technique!!Post pics of it running when you get it done!!
Corndrunk Wrote:I really like the look of that waterfall! Nice technique!!Post pics of it running when you get it done!!
Will do!

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Decided to work on the false bottom first since it seems to make more sense working from the bottom up.

Got more foam this morning and began carving out the portion where the water will flow out of the waterfall and into the pond area. This will be built up a bit more once I get the back of it sealed and attached to the egg crate false bottom. Notice that this piece will fit into the egg crate. I left two rows of egg crate which are wrapped in screen at the bottom to allow for water to flow from the pond under the false bottom where a small filter will be:
[Image: 4081B390-5845-4C54-B139-EE26939255A0.jpg]

The back of this section is sealed in epoxy and will be left alone to cure until tomorrow night or Sunday morning. I will be adding more to the back to completely seal off the gap where it will sit.
[Image: A3636B7B-C86D-4D51-BD2B-D057174B563D.jpg]

More to follow in a day or two.


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Wow man good job. I just recently. Tried my first 3d background and you have inspired me to give it another try with a different tank and a whole new method. Looks 100% natural. Good job
Decided to build up the rocks in the pond a bit. Still working on sealing off the backside. Realized last night it would have been much easier to create a blank wall to plug the false bottom gap with then gluing on the slanted foam... Lesson learned.
[Image: C2FD4C1A-FC1D-440F-8C72-72454E4E8AA1.jpg]

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Looks great!!!
Started working on the background today. I decided to do rocks with an exposed roots look.

I first created a form out of cardboard. Using the form, I measured branches which look somewhat root-like:
[Image: AF7B7B77-2FD2-4645-A358-975D06635856.jpg]

I then took foam and using hot glue, glued them into place (leaving a void where the waterfall will be:
[Image: 6CC49910-E6BF-436F-B30B-27CFDAE8EF92.jpg]

Once the foam was in place, I laid the "roots" on the foam and marked where I would be carving. Once carved, I put the "roots" in place:
[Image: E0D7CEA9-309A-4105-B10D-855506CE67B3.jpg]

After putting the "roots in place, I added more foam in areas where they were lifted off the foam:
[Image: 4708025F-A9A7-4598-86AB-7FBD9CA48031.jpg]

Once I had the overexposed roots subdued to my liking, I removed the foam from the form and placed it in the Exoterra to ensure it fit and didn't interfere with the waterfall:
[Image: CE4A115B-726C-4DC0-827E-E0D53E9C05AD.jpg]

I will be working on the majority of the background while it is out of the vivarium so that it's easier to work on. Once the majority of it is coated in epoxy & sand/clay, I will move it to the vivarium and make it appear to be joined to the waterfall.

More to follow...

-Christian Powell

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Foam is carved and ready for a light torching:
[Image: DCA3316D-512C-4622-A98D-AD9B8C21F7DB.jpg]

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After torching the foam, I began sealing it where the wood will go. Once a layer of epoxy was put down, the wood was then set in place:
[Image: 667724EA-1DB2-41E9-AFA3-9FEF85FD55B7.jpg]

[Image: 76E3FAD1-1430-450F-A748-34AD5BFC3665.jpg]

[Image: 180A4591-8E03-4186-8B1A-37FEA533AEE6.jpg]

Now begins the tedious task of covering the face and making the foam look like stone. Will add more photos when that process begins...


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