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F/S -Reticulata, uakarii, fantastica, Ryan and others
Sellers Name and location - Riley Williamson, Tucson AZ

All are unsexed juveniles/sub adults ( or unless specified).

Ranitomeya reticulata (UE)sold as a group of 3/ $340
Ranitomeya uakarii (UE) sold as a group of 2/$220
Ranitomeya fantastica 'caynarachi' (UE) $110 ea or a group of 4 for 400
Ranitomeya imitator 'Varadero' (UE) $45 ea or 3/$130
Ranitomeya vanzolinii (EU) $50 ea or 2 for $90

Oophaga pumilio 'Ryan' Proven 1.1 $350

I will post pictures later today. Pictures will be actual frogs for sale

Flat rate of $60 shipping through SYR shipped to FedEx Ship Center for pickup. Includes box, styro insulation, heat/ice packs and the phase22 packs. Live arrival guaranteed if picked up within 2 hours.

Any questions email me at
[Image: utu2edah.jpg]

[Image: u8urupu4.jpg]

[Image: re4uhe7e.jpg]

[Image: e5enahad.jpg]

[Image: jeze7use.jpg]

[Image: e2unu6ub.jpg]

Pictures are of actual frogs for sale

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Suppose to read

Ranitomeya fantastica 'caynarachi' (UE) $100ea or a group of 4 for $380

Uakarii sold.

Some Varadero sold- still some available

Lots of questions about the Retics; they are unsexed but odds are in your favor of getting a pair out of the 3.

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