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Hope this helps someone-millipedes in transfered viv
About 2 weeks ago I traded some froglets off to some people locally and ended up taking home a proven pair of bicolors and the 18 18 24 exoterra they lived in. If I could redo the experience I think I would've done it differently. Next time I have the option to take a viv home I am going to inspect it like you would when buying a used car. Last night I noticed it was becoming overrun with millipedes and I spent the entire day today tearing it down, baking substrate, boiling rocks, etc etc. I'm pooped. Make sure to do a good inspection and place a value on your time and labor. [ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]
Pics placed in reverse order. I tried to do a before/after but I guess im stupid with my phone skills.
They love wood. Probably rode in on a wood feature that the previous owner found outside. Another reason not to collect stuff in the woods and plop it into a vivarium. As far as pests go... meh... not so bad. They release that cyanide stink when ya crush em though. Blechhh

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
They're an eyesore to me. I flushed 5 adults and squished about 20 juvies last night then started the cleaning grind when I woke up. Yeah it could be worse though. On the plus side, I like the new frogs. My wife just got frogs of her own a couple of days ago too. She snagged up a trio of whites tree frogs. They get triggered to call really easy it seems like and they remind me of a dog barking from outside. Those suckers can eat too!
Hallo Jay

it's good you are without them again, they reproduce quickly Confusedhock:

I have also been visited by these millipedes, I believed that species is called "Polydesmus complanatus" and like phil also mention they smell bad but does not harm the frogs, eggs or young's.

I have successfully collected them in a hollowed potato during the night time, they just love the taste. Another way to eliminate them, or small bugs in a terrarium could be whit controlled use of dry ice, I have usefully seen colleagues use this method for a few minutes with success, but of course without the frogs in the terrarium.

Dry ice takes all the oxygen out of the terrarium and chokes the Bugs, but does not harm plants by controle use, 1 or 2 min maximum.
Regards Morten Müller (Denmark)

I did not listen in school, so I must apologize for my Chinese English, I speak it better than I write it
Hey Morton thanks for the great advice! I will keep that in mind if I ever come across the problem again. That option sounds like a heck of a lot less time and labor Wink

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