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Some Snakes for trade
Due to health reasons i have to get rid of most of my snakes. As much as i dont want to i have the following up for trade

2.2 western hognose snakes(normal)
0.0.2 colombian rainbow boas

Im looking for a grea tplant package, exoterra or zoomed tanks, led lights< dart frogs, etc. let me know what you have. Oh at this time local trades only although i am willing to drive up to an 1 1/2 to meet up. if interested shoot me a PM. Thanks
Local trades, OK. What is local? Where are you located, that would be helpful.
P. Terribilis orange, R. Imitator Cainarachi Valley, D. Leucomelas, D. Auratus, D. Azureus, P. vittatus, D. cobalts, D.Oyapok, Bombina Orientalis
Oops sorry about that. I'm am located in Delaware.
the western hognose are gone. I still have the 2 colombian rainbow boas and 1 male dumerils boa. looking to trade for bromiliads mostly or any other plants for a viv.

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