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zoomed lighting help
I need some help figuring out lighting for a zoomed 12in light fixture. Grabbed 2 on sale for 9 bucks each. Any tips on what bulbs would be good for plants. I'm going to be building a new viv and also constructing a 10g vert for my mourning gecko. I thought these fixtures were a steal just dont know what bulbs would be good for plants and animals.
Go to and check out their bulb catalog. Select and purchase whatever they have that would fit your fixture. All their bulbs are perfect for our hobby.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I second that motion, Todd is an excellant source for info about lighting your vivs. Great guy will bend over backwards to help you, i have bought many bulbs from him and they all worked perfect for each application!!

Jerry A
I ordered some lights Todd is an awesome dude. Gave some great advice on lighting up the vivs.
Told you he would take care of you, he's one of the best guys to deal with on the forums!

Regards Jerry A

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