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Oelemarie Adult breeding pair-SOLD

Oelemarie Adult Breeding pair, The male is 2-1/2 year old and the female 1-1/2 years. This is an extra pair, they have just started successful breeding after several month of duds. 300.00 plus shipping.

I also have froglets of the following:
Oelemarie, 40 + shipping
Orange Terribilis 90 + shipping

[Image: ompair.jpg]

Below is the male

[Image: ommale.jpg]

Below is the female when happy (see the face on it's back, maybe I have issues)

[Image: omfhappy.jpg]

Below is the female when serious

[Image: omfserrious.jpg]

nice frogs

where these frogs for sale last year?? I remember seeing the one with a smilly face before!

Yes, this is an old post. I just labeled it as sold. They were sold a while ago. I do have more froglets of the Oelemarie's but none with the face. Thanks for looking!

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