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Pothos doesn't want to grow?
Leave it to me to successfully mount bromeliads to the background on my first go (roots are coming out and digging into the cork), but I can't get a dang pothos to grow!

This is in the viv I'm building for my auratus, so luckily there's no time crunch. I planted a golden pothos clipping at the base of the background, and it's barely grown at all in 2-3 weeks. One new leaf did pop out of the ground, but it's not putting out any new leaves. Meanwhile, the other cutting that's just hanging out in some sphagnum is growing like a weed. (It hasn't been bare-rooted, though, so it does have a head start.)

What don't pothos like that I might be doing? It is pretty wet at the base of the background since I have been misting it somewhat heavily to encourage the folius moss to grow. But I always go at least a day without misting since the tank holds in moisture really well.
A girl named Joey.
I'll solve your problem quickly...heh. Remove the pothos and plant something else. Seriously. I only use pothos for quarantine tanks , temporary tanks or as a shipping filler to help insulate the frogs. I never use it in a vivarium as it is so big and beefy and fast growing, that it literally chokes out or crushes other plants. It has also been known to grow so fast and strong that it can displace a lid or other enclosure component and allow for a frog to escape- I have heard this happen at least three or four times. Finally, I'm getting to be a stickler for biotopic designs where you select only plants from the same area as the frogs, and well, we all know they ain't no dart frogs in Asia.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I ended up revamping the vivarium tonight and adding some new plants. I put a peperomia glabella in the back center instead of the pothos. It was already a bit tall so I made a staple out of floral wire and tacked it to the background. To the right I'm experimenting with winding a long rhaphidophora vine around a manzanita stick and then sending it up the background. Waiting on the left side because a very kind someone will be sending me some vining plants.

I'm actually annoyed that I'm started to get interested in plants. For one thing, I tend to kill them, and for another, I didn't need yet another aspect of this hobby to obsess over! ;-)
A girl named Joey.
ZenMonkey Wrote:I didn't need yet another aspect of this hobby to obsess over! ;-)
Oh it's only just begun. Soon you will obsess over lighting, or micro fauna variety, or air circulation and ventilation, or .... :mrgreen:

You need to post some pictures of all your hard work! It sounds like you have quite the project going with your new viv!
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Yeah, I have a little "build diary" in fact, I just haven't gotten around to organizing it. Now that my tadpoles are going off to new homes I'll have more time to do that.
A girl named Joey.

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