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Ghost Orchids for sale

Hi all,

I have a few young seedlings of two New World ghost orchids to offer. These will be small plants mounted on grape wood or something similar. Both species are similar in care: warm temps, high light, high humidity, watered often but like to dry out before they're watered again.

Dendrophylax lindenii- This is the "legendary" species native to the Florida Everglades. In my experience, this is the tougher of the two available here to grow, but so much of the difficulty is in the myths that surround the species. Do a quick search around for all the various growing techniques used to try to grow them. $15/seedling

Dendrophylax fawcettii- This species is native the Grand Cayman and is similar in looks and culture to D. funalis, which I find to be the easiest of the genus. These seedlings are a bit larger than the D. lindenii. $20/seedling

Shipping will be via Priority mail, and I can begin to ship on Friday.

Package deals- Buy 2 for $35 shipped.

Here is a representative shot of some of the D. fawcettii I've got mounted with a pen for size reference:

[Image: 14911936915_bf80f566a8.jpg]

I've been mounting at least a couple seedlings per mount as a bonus and to increase odds of success.

As always, PM with any questions, comments, or concerns. Certain trades will also be considered.



Do you by chance still have Ghost Orchids for sale?

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