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Does Fruit Fly container size matter ?

just wondering if container height matters with production. I get flies in the regular size and the smaller cup size. seems to me that the bigger container gives me more flies. any comments

Good question Walt. I know that Hydei produce more waste and if not accounted for with a larger surface area, their waste will hamper production if not crash it. One of the reasons I don't culture Hydei.

Fruit flies do absolutely scrap and fight (in their own flighty way), so I'm a firm believer in excelsior or other base material to give them more space options.

The AMOUNT of media goes hand in hand with your question as well, I would think. Food resources and larvae growth area. The amount of media we use is very much ion debate. Some use quite a bit. I use just enough to cover the bottom when dry, so when hot water is added, the volume of media increases.

Offhand, I would probably vote for the 'hobby standard' size culture cup producing 'better' / more flies than a smaller deli cup - one of those low, squat cups.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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