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Nutritive benefits for adult non-obligate egg eaters?

In other words, is it good for auratus, say, to eat other females' eggs? I haven't seen much alarm about this aside from breeding issues, so I assume it's at least not bad for them.

I'm not currently trying to breed the frogs, so if the eggs are actually nutritious, it seems like a win-win form of birth control.

(Caught the beta female today with a line of jelly connecting the clutch and her mouth. In "frogrante" delicto. Although I was mostly sure she was doing it anyway.)

A girl named Joey.

Egg raiding is common, so I'm sure it's an 'ok' snack...

Just freeze and bleach and flush all the found eggs. Limit deposition sites like film cans and water ect.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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