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Ranitomeya summersi tad/(egg) development
Hi guys, well after a couple of years of never having a good egg,and then buying a second group of UE frogs to start over with We are sat here with our very first little tad from the first clutch showing some colour. I guess he's about 7 weeks from the eggs being laid in age now,but colour and not even much in the way of back legs?

Here's the little chap
[Image: 15137321995_8fd5d0ee5c_c.jpg]

So here are some basic simple questions: is this normal for summersi? How does this compare with Ranitomeya imitator intermedius(banded)? Can you give me any more insights or pictures of either species as tadpoles for comparison?

As there seems very little about(that I've been able to find ) of pictures of summersi kids developing I've grabbed these for you guys,I'll do it properly a bit later on if we are fortunate enough to keep them breeding,time as always is my downfall. These are our second clutch,which is bloody fantastic,it means they are not just breeding from stress of moving or such like. They are still very young frogs and the eggs from the first clutch didn't fair well,I know this happens,but damn I wanted all of them to be reared.

I am possibly on my own here ,UK, breeding these. We have had some shenanakins with imis being brought here as summersi,plus some genuine ones that have got here just haven't faired well. So I have no one here to ask for advice. These frogs in particular are very special to us,I guess have become our biggest challenge so far to breed. My older pair I've always said we would never part with,were still here until a week or two back ,when my female suddenly started fitting and died. We must have had them two or 3 years now I'm loosing track,I adored her,she and her fella got very bold with me. It took a long long time,but we got there, damn I miss her Sad Sad Sad Maybe she was never right ,but it changes little

Anyway I'll stop rambling and show these and ask if anyone could help clear any of these question I would be very grateful

[Image: 15139715182_0bc36e605b_c.jpg]

[Image: 14918396169_805028a516_c.jpg]

[Image: 15134366561_f698672f79_c.jpg]

take care


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