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Help! How to Co2 bomb using dry ice for Ants
First, I have done my research and all the references I've seen as to how to do this either say "do a search" or link to outdated links. And I'm in a huge hurry.

Ants have invaded my new (frog-free) viv. There have been numerous antpocalypses in our house this summer because of the drought. I've already sprayed and bleached away the ants on the trail as well as the scent of the trail, and taped up the openings where the ants were getting in. I've also located their entry point into the house, which is a corner of a window too high for me to get to. But I placed an ant trap (the kind that poisons them) on a shelf quite far from the viv and quite close to their entry spot. No more ants are actually going to the viv now.

But I need to blast the ones already in there before they start a colony. It's probably only been about seven hours that they've been invading so it might not be too late for me to get them all (and, sadly, my microfauna). My husband's out and can probably pick up dry ice.

Does someone have instructions on how to use the dry ice to CO2 bomb these little bastards? I've seen many don't's and almost no do's. Thank you.
A girl named Joey.
A CO2 bomb won't keep them out. Unless you solve the big picture, they will keep coming back in.. Finding your Viv.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:A CO2 bomb won't keep them out. Unless you solve the big picture, they will keep coming back in.. Finding your Viv.

Yes, we know all about "the big picture." We've been dealing with it all summer and successfully handling it. But thanks, I got the info elsewhere and we're bombing now.
A girl named Joey.
I have had the same problem in the past and amdro perimeter sprinkled around the exterior of my house solved the problem along with following the trail where they are coming into the house and plugging it with great stuff or silicone. ... s/Overview
Unfortunately we're pretty sure we have nests in the walls, so we do treat the exterior but that only does so much. Basically it's taking care of each antpocalypse as it happens and sealing that particular entryway.

It's tricky with my setup, but I am going to try to get diatomaceous earth around the viv somehow.

The solution my husband rigged up looks kinda pretty.


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A girl named Joey.
Man, you just can't catch a break, Joey! I am so sorry you have this issue! Sounds like you have found all the possible solutions, but it also sounds like a lot of work. Hang in there!

PS: It does look kinda pretty! Does it hurt the plants, or just the microfauna?
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The plants love it, actually, as long as they don't get too cold. I've read that some people do a gentler version from time to time just to "pick up" the plants a little. The dry ice technique gives you a nice "Land of the Lost" feel in the viv. ;-)

Theoretically it should have killed the microfauna, but there are still springs (and the spider mites I was hoping would also die.) It did wipe out the ants quickly and entirely though, which was my main concern. Probably if we had bombed for at least 24 hours everything would be dead.

EDIT: And I meant to say thank you for the encouragement! I'm lucky in that my frogs are just fine in their current viv, so I have no time crunch to get this one ready.
A girl named Joey.

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